How to Make Friends and Make Money In MySpace

Wield The Powerful MySpace To Generate Traffic For You!
Step 1: Get On The Right Set Of Friends

What I mean is that you pick and select the kind of friends you want on your MySpace profile and listing. Normally top celebrities or popular individuals will gain you much credit.

Whether they are in a school, specific community leader or group add them to your friends list immediately. You ought to check that their pages are real and genuine of course.

Step 2: Make Yourself A Real Person

You must be able to position yourself as a trustworthy person who people can count on when they visit your page. Start doing this by inviting your friends in a polite manner and don't appear to excited or too stoned. Just be yourself.

When they add you to their list make full certainty that you have a nice headshot picture of yourself. If you got a nice picture of yourself people will want to know more about you. It's a normal human behaviour, ain't we all attracted by beauty.

Step 3: Avoid Being A Stuck Up Long Run

I can almost certainly guarantee that some MySpacers' will tend to be more snobbish and brash about their popularity as time goes by. Be different and don't be a poser.

When you tend to stay sincere in all your posts and in your personality on MySpace you will look ultra-friendly. People will even bookmark your site and refer others to you. Talk about viral traffic coming to your site in droves!


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