There Is No Such Thing As Free Traffic

Of course there is such a thing as free traffic in the internet. If you are just persevere enough to search for ways to gain traffic for free, you will know that there is free traffic. But what we mean with free is monetary. You can gain traffic to your site without paying even a single penny. There are many possible ways and free tools most web experts give for free. There are many web portals that share their knowledge and gives free tips on how to get free traffic in the internet.

But if look deeper, considering all the factors affecting your search for truth, you will realize that your search is not free at all. Why? It is because you have exerted efforts while searching on something you believe is free. You have also invested your time and money in search for a ways that is free.

Well, my point here is that I believe that there is really no such thing as free traffic.

Do you agree with me that there is no free traffic in the internet for your site and that free traffic remains a myth?

What can you say about this?


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yup, i believe also.it is like saying that there is really no free in this life. i mean in everything there is a cost!

if God is for us who can be against us? hop and drop, good day..can't find ur cbox

yes there is no free traffic. even though you dont spend money, you still need to do something in return. so...it's free when i comes to money but need hard work to get it done.

hi there thanks for hopping and yep, when i got here in the US last year my most uttered words was EVERYTHING IS FOR SALE.

sort of

yesss...absolutely agreed...there no such thing...hehehehehe...everything have a cost...