Notice of disconnection

Today, I have received the telephone bill with a notice of disconnection. I didn’t pay my bill lately because I haven’t earned any with my blogging. I haven’t posted any in my blog lately because I’m tired of it. Anyway, just telling you guys I have recieved a notice of disconnection.

I Like It:

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Did you pay it, or has your phone been disconnected?

Oh.. sorry to hear that. As for me, my phone application is not yet approved ;0

By the way, I love to exchange links with you. Please check out my blog and tell me if you are interested. Just leave me a message. Thanks.

Petite ;0

got to pay the bills.... but isn't it just a bummer not to earned anything anymore with blogging.

by the way, i fave you on technorati, i hope you can fave my blog too.. :)


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If your phone will be disconnected then no one can call you home, unless you have a cellphone ;0

hi there sorry to hear about this but if you have cellphone that's fine.

don't be sad,my friend,so many people hadn't earn much in blogging also.hehehe.life is like that --- sometimes we have enough, sometimes nothing, sometimes just enough.