Painful, Is It?

Type of Post: Tag
Subject: Emotional Check
Author: Chester
Blog Title: A Piece of Idea
Logic: Emotional Awareness and Responsiveness
Title: Painful, Is It?

~authors remark~

This tag is not intended to bring out regrettable, sad memories from the past that we no longer want to reminisce. This is just a sort of emotional check on how do we respond as mature individuals not only to those events that brought our lives so much joy and and bliss but likewise to those we consider the most tragic incident that we personally encountered or those news stories that we have watched on television that somehow affects our sensitivities.

Tag starts here: (copy & paste)

Rules:(1) Optional: Make a little introduction about the tag (2) Pick and upload a photo of what you consider is the most tragic event that you ever had/heard or watched (3) Express what made that event the most painful one for you (4) Tag along those people whom you think who would likely be interested to respond and (5) let them know that this tag is entirely optional.

Let's start the ball rolling! I'd like to tag the following:

Chari,Dez, Eds, Gracie,Baby Gerby, Janet, Janetvicy, Lutchie, Lynn, Mari, Marie, Ruby, Rhodey, Rocks, Suzanne, Scotty's Princess, Sheng, Sweetiepie, Wendy, Bebie, Denz, Chester, Wilson, JD and JK. Catsy, Dante.


This is only a copied post from nancy! Thanks nancy!

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