Being Ignorant about "Page Impression"


Some of us may have encountered the words "Page Impression" and yet we have not fully understand what it means. And so am I.

I have encountered page impression in my AdSense account and other web traffic monitoring statistics, yet I don't know what it is. After 4 years of ignorant with this term, I finally searched it on Google.

What is Page Impression?

The exact number of times a specific Web site has been accessed or viewed by a user. A page impression acts as a counter for Web pages, informing site owners how many times their sites were visited. Page impressions are also referred to as hits.

Now I finally know what page impression means, and I am not an ignorant anymore.

I Like It:

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its really like that, there are terminologies that are being used and yet we don't understand what it is until we just got tired of hearing or seeing it and finally we searched for answers in order to understand. ;)

that's a great post though..

true. thats why we really need to post something like this that educate the new and old readers all the more..

more of this :)

thank's! you answered my qustion..

i'm one of the ignorant when it comes to blogging terms. thanks for sharing this. :)

Hi Ches..I also have first encountered this term from Adsense...In blogging we really have to spoon-feed ourselves esp. on knowing blogging terms and it's meaning kasi nga nobody would do it for us. kaya kayod marino din lalo pag nag momonetize tayo. This is just a simple post but it does help a lot...keep it up!

Talking about blogging I'm not expert about it. I may know a little but not much. I saw a lot of stuff on the other blog but I don't know what they were lol. tc. Your posts are good.

yep.. i am not expert about it :) its educated me, thanks for sharing...

thanks for the knowledge.it helps us, the newbies. i think page impression is very important. and yes, we need to have good contents in our blogs to get good hits, and to have good hits, we also need good traffic. ah, lots of terminologies really.

hello, hope you could add my site to your blogroll. i've added you already.

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