Identity theft insurance at a discount

Acquiring identity theft insurance is expensive. It lays additional cut in our monthly budget. But our identity is always at risk that is why we need to acquire one. But do you know that there is always a way to lessen our insurance cost? Yes, there is and that is acquiring insurance with a discount using a promotional code.

There are a lot of LifeLock Promotions we can find in the internet and most of them would say, like “LifeLock.com Promo Code” or “LifeLock.com Promotion Code”. But I think they are all the same. All of them offers the same discount rate or perhaps offers the same promotional code. So why waste looking for another one when in fact they are all the same. But even though they are all the same, our goal of acquiring a LifeLock identity theft insurance policy is not gone. Whatever promo we will used, we will acquire insurance at a discount.

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Lifelocks makes no sense to me. You are paying them for something you can do for free by yourself. Plus they dont even monitor all 5 AREAS of Id Theft (Criminal, Drivers License, Social Security, Financial, and Medical). And everyone forgets to mention that it would take you 600 hours of your own time to get your ID back into its original state.

I have found a far better solution. www.prepaidlegal.com/hub/juancgutierrez

This company offers its ID Theft solutions through Kroll http://kroll.com/about/history/notable/ The worlds Leading risk managment company. And the great thing about the company is that they are the ONLY ones in N. America that offer FULL Restoration in the event your ID is stolen. Why do the work on your own when former FBI/CIA agents can do it for you?

Plus the company also offers Legal solutions which you may need if you are the victim. I wouldnt even consider Lifelocks after finding this company. www.prepaidlegal.com/hub/juancgutierrez