LoudSiren, Another Identity Theft Insurance Policy Provider

For 7 months in blogging, I used to believe that there is only one provider of identity theft insurance policy, and that is Lifelock. Most of the reviews I got before are all about Lifelock. But when I opened a review site about identity theft insurance policy, Consumer Review, I discovered that there are two of them.

Now I know that there is another insurance policy provider for identity theft, LoudSiren, which is powered by a company called Debix (Debix can be found at Debix.com). LoudSiren, is another insurance policy provider that is popular around the globe and just like the other provider, LoudSiren guarantees a maximum of one million dollars.

I Like It:

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Why not just take out a policy that covers ALL FIVE AREAS of Identity Theft - Social Security, Driver's License, Medical, Character / Criminal, and Financial / Credit?

(I found this blog via "Google Alerts" ...the first item mentioned there was "Medical Identity Theft".)

It just makes too much sense to not go without protection in any of the five areas.

I have found something better than anything out there on the market and that not only covers ALL 5 Areas but also is the only company that offers FULL and TRUE Restoration and gives you access to the Legal System.


I agree... there's nothing like it on the market today.


The numbers of those who are going to be impacted in the next couple of months and years to come ... is STAGGERING.

Here's the ultimate 'history book', (and concrete proof) of this epidemic:

Do your research and you will find that the company that provides the Identity Theft Solutions I was referring to is the only one that offers FULL Restoration.

Kroll is the company and here is a link http://kroll.com/about/history/notable/
You'll see that they are the worlds leader in Risk Management.

The great thing is that the plan they offer is in conjunction with a Legal Plan that gives you Legal Access which you may very well need if you are the victim of Id Theft.

Check it out