Sarah Paine's 5 Tips To Earn Money With Your Blog

If you are an intelligent person, you can easily generate an income from your blog. If your idea is generating five or six posts and waiting for the traffic to come in you will need to go look at some get rich quick scams because this is not what this article is about. I know everyone hates the dreaded W word (work) however, it is just a reality. So let's move on here and provide the tips you will need to actually pay your bills. Sound good?

1. Offer your services on your blog.

If you think this sounds silly you have probably never thought about the fact that you market yourself on a fairly regular basis. How? When you get a new job you sell yourself to the interviewer. When you convince a friend or family member to make a decision you are selling your ideas, so why not sell your services. If you run a blog chances are you have some skill in the art of writing why not offer yourself as a ghost writer or a copy writer? For those that would like to quite their full time job but have not been able to bring themselves to do it, you can earn a steady income writing for other people. Once you start to see some income stream in you will feel feel a little more comfortable cutting the tie. If writing is not your think offer services like article submission, many authors write articles but are not willing to take the time to submit enough to see the income they would like. Be creative and your boundaries will be endless.

2. Sign up as an affiliate marketer!

Many of the affiliate programs that are available will provide you with the html you will need to plug directly into your blog. Sites such as blogger allow you to paste this in directly wiping out any hassle you thought you may experience. Select affiliate products that fall in line with the theme of your blog. If your blog is about home based business then use affiliate products that these types of individuals would need like web hosting and email marketing services. You may be surprised to find that you can make any where from $20 a sale to a several hundred.

3. Sell advertising space on your blog.

There are services available on the web that are designed to match you up with a business that would like to use your web space to advertise. One of the most widely known services is Google ad sense. You can set up an account and pay per click advertisements will appear on your page. Google will spider your page for your and display content that fits in with your genre. Doesn't get much better that that! If you take a little time to look around you should come across several similar offers.

4. Set up a small box asking for donations.

I know you do not want to feel like a pan handler however, it is a common practice to ask for a small tip. Magazines charge readers in order to gain access to the contents, if you write decent articles there is no harm in throwing the question out there. If this sounds absurd to you talk a walk down blogger lane I bet you will see things like if you like this post buy me a cup of coffee. Feel better? You can accomplish this task by placing a PayPal box on your site. It is that simple.

5. Create an opt in list in order to market later.

The average consumer will need to see the same or similar advertisement several times before taking the leap and buying. Think about the last time you made an online purchase. Did you buy the item on first sight? What enticed you to make the purchase? If you set up an opt in service through a company like Aweber you will be able to capture potential buyers that are actually interested in what you have to say. One of the easiest ways to build this list will be to offer a freebie to your visitor to get them to sign up. Your freebie can be an e book or just a list of tips to help your reader. Once you have list built the Aweber service will be able to send out auto responder messages or messages enticing your reader to come back to your site. Use all five tips and continue to promote your blog and post regularly before you know it you will be a self made blogger!

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