Our Hard Disk Has Expired

It's been a year already since I bought the parts of my desktop and assembled it on my own. Though I am not a technician, I still managed to assemble it. But now, one of the parts, the hard disk, has already expired. It was triggered when I tried to reinstall the operating system. I already installed Windows XP first but installation would not continue. Then I tried Ubuntu Linux but after a day some of its programs won't work anymore. So, I reinstalled Ubuntu again but the installation won't continue anymore. So, I guessed the hard disk has the problem. Hopeful enough that it would still work, I found my Fedora CDs and installed it. Successfully installed, I thought it was already okay but after a day, I could not start the operating system again. I know that the hard disk had the problem.

I remembered someone said that a hard disk had a life span of 1 or 2 years. I can't remember all the details, but I think he said it was a year or 2. If it was a year, then my hard disk has already expired.


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