My Brain is Blue

I answered the brain color test and it turn that my brain is blue. It means that of all the brain types, mine is the most mellow. It also says that I tend to be in a meditative state most of the time, that I don't try to think away your troubles, that my thoughts are realistic, fresh, and honest, and that I truly see things as how they are. Nonetheless, it also says I tend to spend a lot of time thinking about my friends, my surroundings, and my life.

I don't really know if this is true but I think, somehow, it is right. I really should thank Catsy for tagging me this post. It is somehow helpful in knowing ourselves. Thanks Catsy!

Now, I would ask Catsy Jheine Dante Nancy Alaverde33 Brian Aboel Andrebenjamin Anita Anjelica AnniesLittlefootprints Blogsilog Cantilangnon Catsy Chalyza07 Charleskey Chelle ChristianBryan Chunling Darlene Darlene2 Dauphine Denz-techtronics Denz2 Eventsincolombia Feel Babydoll Fire-linkx Firelynx Gardens and more Ging-Ging Ivy Jheine Joy Joy1 Joy2 Kantilang Keep Keishanoel-Noligihapon Kopitozie LadyNorms Ladynred Lisagold08 Love, Sex and Marriage Lynx to life Migs Muuthi Nancy2 Norms2 Ozlife Petradear Pia pipevelasquez Plax of Chille Raquel Retche Retchel Riah Sexy Mom Shelu Software Addict Summer Suzanne SwissPhils Tamil Thesserie, Wersp, Wheng,Yeoh, and Yoga exercise.

What Color Is Your Brain?


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