Exchange Links Helps Increase Your Google Pagerank

Exchanging link is not just an increase of traffic for your blog, a mere design popularity emphasis, or just a link on your blog. It has a valuable purpose which should not be ignored.

Yes, it is valuable because it helps increase your blog's google pagerank.

So, when we say exchange link, we mean a hyperlink exchange displayed on each friends blog and not just a mere drop-down menu (select tag).

It should be linked like these:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

and not like this:

Remember that, it is very important!

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What I've done was I created another page in my other blog (tom.i.ph)for links only with links from my home page. My blogspot blog (tiohem.blogspot.com) shares this tom.i.ph link page with links from the tiohem.blogspot.com home page. What do you think?

It is an advantage to you since they linked you directly from their site.

Well, I consider search engine crawlers as bloggers where they look for relevant topics in your blog. They do blog hopping also where they open other blogs directly connected from your blog.

That's what I think!