A Walk to Remember With Jerson

It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon when Jerson went into our house. He said he wanted to visit Ronnie, our old friend, because he missed him and haven't seen him for months. So I decided not to attend my review again to accompany him to anywhere he wanted to go. After some chitchat and preparations, we left home passed 5'oclock.

When we arrived at Ronnie's house, we discovered that he had not yet arrived from work. With no other place to go, we decided to take a long walk, from Green Meadows Subdivision to Mintal, to Patrick's house thinking that he was already there but he wasn't when we arrived at their house.

Since Jerson was talking of going to UP campus and we were talking also about the special someone of Jerson and he said that I would just be okay if we go to her place and it would much be okay to him if we go there, so we decided to walk going there. From mintal, we walked to Jerson's special someone, Sitio Basak, and still thinking that the person was there. And again, she wasn't there.

So we decided to go straight ahead to UP just by walking. It was very dark when we arrived at UP campus, 7 o'clock. Classes have already ended and we only saw a couple of students dating. Tired and very exhausted, we took a rest.

After a minute or two, he dragged me to his favorite place in the campus, the roof top. As I walked at the roof top, I was nervous and my head turned a bit. I don't know what was I thinking to act like that but maybe because it was a roof top and I was afraid of falling.

But the place was nice and safe but dark since there was no light setup in the place. It was good for dating since it was dark and private overseeing the sky gazing the stars. You can lie down in the roof while gazing the stars talking romance. Jerson and I were like couples dating there. We lied at the roof gazing at the stars. We talked about love, life, and science. We stayed there for 45 minutes.

The place of our friend, Fredgie, was just near at the campus so we decided to visit her. Since she was just off from work, we waited her at at Alger store eating King Flakes. When she arrived, we went to their house thinking that we might get our dinner at their house but we haven't. Since we have not seen Fredgie for a long time, we were so happy talking to her and talking what new with our friends in high school. We enjoyed a lot and I could see in our eyes the happiness that we felt seeing each other. We stayed there for about an hour eating only King Flakes and went walking again, back to Jerson's Special someone's place.

However, when we arrived at the place, we lost the eagerness to talk to her because we don't have any good reason why we wanted to talk to her, so we went straight ahead. Approaching my girlfriend's house, I contacted her just for a short talk but she was tired and sleepy. We then continued walking to Patrick's house.

There was Patrick disturbed from his study when we arrived. We have a little chitchat and jokes. Since Jerson wanted to borrow a 512mb DDR400 memory card from me in exchange of his 256mb DDR400 and his scanner, we went back to our house together with Patrick after picking up Jerson's memory card only since I already borrowed the scanner. We still walked from Mintal to Brgy Sto. Nino Crossing.

Tired, exhausted and hungry, we bought a cooked canton at a store. We also met Dimple there wearing her school uniform. Since we could not walk anymore, we ride a tricycle going to our house.

It was already almost 12 midnight when we ate our dinner and I ate a lot because I was very hungry. They got my 512mb DDR400 memory card after eating then they drove home almost one.

That experience was very fun and I wanted walk again with some other friends someday. I wish I could come back to the roof top with my girlfriend and gazed at the stars.


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