Autopost Blogger Entries To A Google Group

In search of increasing our blogs traffic, we look for ways that could be done automatically. This technique I will teach you could somehow help you increase your blogs traffic automatically in seconds. Every time we post an entry to our blog, the entry is automatically posted to a google group we selected. This is also a way of optimizing the use of blogger feature.

Step 1: Join A group in Google Groups.

For your starting group, please join my group, The Oploks Society. http://groups.google.com/group/oploks

Step 2: After joining the group, copy the groups email address.

For this case, use oploks@googlegroups.com.

Step 3: Set the email setting of your blog. (For Blogger Blogs Only)

Go to your blogs setting and set BlogSend Address to the email address of the group.
Paste oploks@googlegroups.com to the textbox provided.

Once correctly followed the sets above, every time you publish an entry to your blog, the entry is automatically sent to the google group via groups email.

Hope you enjoy this simple technique I have discovered.

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I'm a little confused. Are you inviting us all to send an email subscription to your whole group? If you're doing this for just any blogger who reads the article, won't google see this is a spam operation and delist? Or are you just giving us an example, saying to join or start a group, and go from there?

this is an example of sending your entries to a Google group and at the same time, I am promoting my Google group. But if you don't want to use my group, you can always use yours.