Fiesta Fever

Just recently my dad decided to finally furnish our home since he acquired his Christmas Bonus from his work. So he have it fixed by the carpenters, have it painted and ask my mom to buy some decorations and furniture so that our little house won’t look like a hallow one. This is actually a preparation for our upcoming Town fiesta at the end of this month. So my mom was also very excited then to buy the some decorations and of course groceries for the big event. So I accompanied her in going downtown to buy these needs.

We bought different stuffs such as lamps and lamp shades in order to give elegance and light to our dimmed house which include a table lamps for our dinning table, ceiling fan, microwave oven and more. I remember that my brother Kevin also needs a desk lamp on his room because our old desk lamp is not working anymore so I ask mom to buy one. Afterwards we proceeded to the grocery section to buy different things and foods needed for the preparation of the Fiesta and eventually headed home riding a cab loaded with different things that we have bought. When we got home, my brother Kevin is so excited to mount his new desktop lamp and the other lamps we’re also placed in the respective areas. It was actually a tiring experience but truly thankful because of the resources my father have earned.

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