How To Send SMS Through Chikka Using Gmail Chat

Will you believe me if I'll say that you can actually send SMS through Chikka using your Gmail Chat? I've read some articles about sending SMS through Chikka using Googletalk and tried it. The fact the you will login your Google account in both Google services, the Gmail and Googletalk, you can actually send SMS too in Gmail. This is my version and I hope it is very useful.

Here's the steps:
  1. Login to your Gmail (Be sure you are on a standard view and turn on chat)

  2. Add the Phone Number as a Contact in the Chatbox this format 639xxxxxxxxx@chikkatalk.com.

  3. Once the number is Online (color green), you can now send SMS by chatting the contact you just added. You can send up to 3 SMS per number daily.
Isn't that easy? You don't to install anything like Googletalk or Chikkatxt softwares. Start Sending SMS now!

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does it work in india.....and is the contact number different for different countries???? like for example,,, whether in india the numbers will be like 919xxxxxxxxx@chikkatalk or what?

ur the man sir....its really great here in the philippines...its working...

thankz for that....

thanks, its working but tlaga bang up to 3 msgs lang ang ma isend kung d nagreply un tnxt mo?? sana unlimited. hehehe

I have found that another web site provide the same function:


You can have some free credits

really cool!! thanks a lot!
i added your page to StumbleUpon! :D

hey does it work in India ..
also the corresponding no: should accept the invitation ...it's not happening?????????

yeah it does work in india...you have to add the number as 91xxxxxxxxxx@chikkatalk.com.
The other party need not authenticate you, and anyways, since when does the sender has the power to deny any SMS, we just have to recieve everything that is sent our way :(
it worked very well till recently..but now it has some problems. If sending messages is all you want to do, you can try ibibo.com, it needs authentication probably, i mean i think the other person also needs to have an ibibo account and then you can send an sms to that person...or something like that...

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